yoda is unwell

While, errh, cataloguing the liquor store, I unintentionally overloaded my internal organs, and am now even greener than normal. My physician, a certain Dr McCoy, has recommended a rest cure, and so Burrito and I are off to the Emerald Isle to seek some healing.

If an internet connection is available, we will keep you informed.

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  1. We have a long country drive to our house, full of potholes, and the JWs and Mormons seldom risk it.

    I recall, though, the years in a suburban house, when our daughter was studying for her degree in theology. She would invite such missionaries in, sit them down, give them a cup of tea, then mercilessly shred their arguments with constant reference to their own bibles.

    What a girl!


  2. Posted by Brother Burrito on August 5th, 2010 at 01:22

    Talking of EWTN,

    I have just watched an excellent program thereon, by Daphne McLeod. She is a loveable granny who presents basic Catechism the way it should be done. Here are the audio links:


    If you can catch it on video via EWTN, then all the better.


  3. Posted by Brother Burrito on August 5th, 2010 at 00:01

    Thanks JP,

    yoda says Hi, because he is too lazy to log in as himself. Ireland is still a wonderful place to rest and recover from the UK. He is improving by the minute.

    There is supposed to be an uber recession here, but town was humming yesterday. The bars are still busy.

    Jehovah’s witnesses came around this morning. They feel on a roll after the demoralising effect of the Irish child abuse scandal, and maybe they are picking up some of the windfalls. I gave them some good Catholic answers, but don’t hold out much hope for their conversion. Their “religion” locks them in as tight as islam does its followers. Both sola scriptura.

    Burrito Jr.( AKA Colum) at least got to hear his father in full friendly-hammer-of- the-heretics mode.

    I write this while watching EWTN on satellite, a guilty pleasure I don’t get back home.


  4. Dear Yoda, rest well. We look forward to more of your alien wisdom – green or any other colour – on your return. …. May the force be with you, you say? And with your spirit.


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